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Get the Right Things Done

Projects are hard.

Project management doesn’t have to be.

With the right tools (Asana) and the right methods (the Asana Kickstart implementation program), you and your team can experience clarity and flow every day. You can deliver excellent work. You can get the right things done at the right times. Every time.

Interested in the custom and/or budget options for help with Asana Implementation and Training?


Asana Kickstart

The Best Tools + The Right Methods… Done Fast.


WORKSHOPS: Comprehensive Kickoff Training for the Whole Team (Onsite / Online)

LEADERSHIP MENTORING: 1-on-1 Sessions w/ Team Leads to Build Custom Templates and Workflow Automations

FOLLOW-UP “BOOSTER” TRAINING: Workshop After Initial Implementation | Templates + Daily / Weekly Planning + Q&A

GUIDES: Interactive Guides | Best Practices for Project Managers, Team Leads, and Individual Users

SUPPORT: 30 Days of Support


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What should I expect in the free intro consultation?


CURRENT SITUATION: A chance to briefly discuss your team’s existing project management needs.

IDEAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: 1-2 initial observations on methods, resources, or features that will help your team in your use of Asana or your project management strategy.

ASANA KICKSTART OVERVIEW: An overview of the Asana Kickstart program from ProjectKickstart.co, available onsite, online, or self-directed. Additionally, if you are working on a “re-implementation” or have a more nuanced or complex situation, we’ll discuss options for more customized or long-term options.

What does TheKickstart.com do?

TheKickstart.com provides remote and onsite operational training and consulting on the best in project and process management methodology. We help teams implement or re-implement Asana and Slack.

We offer several tiers of service packages to fit any level of support you need, whether you’re looking for implementation support as you get started or an operational audit and guidance to help your team level up.

We’ll help you transform your productivity, refine your processes and workflows, and get the right things done at the right times.

What is Bryan’s background?

I spent the first 10 years of my career in software and tech, in sales and marketing roles. While planning onsite trainings and presentations, creating and delivering public and private events, and coordinating marketing and sales efforts, I felt first-hand the importance of establishing strong project management methodology and having the right tools and systems in place to support the team’s processes and workflows. I also experienced first-hand the painful and costly setbacks when the methods and tools are not implemented intentionally and consistently across members of a team and in cross-departmental work.

I found so much fulfillment and passion in designing and improving processes during that time, I decided to make it my career. I wanted to focus on project management tools and methodology full time. I took a year off to read, learn about, and experiment with the methods from the some of the most successful thought leaders in the industry (David Allen, Tim Ferris, Nir Eyal, James Clear, Stephen Covey). I got certified as an Asana Trainer and Consultant (Asana Certified Pro), gave up an 8-year addiction to Trello, and went all in on managing my entire personal and work life in Asana.

It’s been phenomenal working full-time in consulting onsite and online, helping companies to implement or re-implement Asana and better project management methods. I’ve now tested and proven this implementation program with companies in events management, real estate, law, higher education, health and wellness, management consulting, consumer products, and software as a service. I run seven online webinar trainings a month and one public workshop every 4-8 weeks.

I have a goal to help 500 companies implement or re-implement Asana in 2020. In order to be helpful to that many companies at that scale, I’ll be releasing a self-directed version of my Asana Kickstart training and implementation guide series (followed by a course series) for project managers and their teams in February / March 2020. Though I love and prefer working with teams directly, this will make it possible to help companies with tighter budgets or when I simply don’t have the availability.

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What if my team uses a different project management tool?

Though I personally use Asana for everything in work and life, and I strongly recommend and endorse Asana as the tool of choice, I’m in the process of mapping my training content to ClickUp and Monday.com in order to provide support to more teams. While my training is only available for Asana currently, I’m familiar with most major work management tools (ClickUp, Monday.com, Trello, Basecamp, Wrike, Jira, Microsoft Project, etc.).

I also do a condensed training on project and process management methodology that can be applied to any platform. You can go ahead and book a brief intro consultation and I’ll offer resources and pointers to help you get started.

I’ll also provide ETAs for any other training programs I have in development or refer you to other sources of consultants who specialize in the tools you use.